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Music Biz Buzz:

by THE G-MAN, Immedia Wire Service

What I say: terrific networking opportunity and solid info from the panels, including some helpful views from artist managers Kenny Kerner, Tom Callahan, Mike Gormley, and Brent Harvey. (panelist bios)

L*A*M*P events also give you the chance to have one of your songs analyzed by some industry insiders, in this case, by Tess Taylor, President of NARIP (National Assn. of Record Industry Professionals), Sheena Metal, promoter and KLSX talk show host, Jennifer Applequist, booker at 14 Below, and Bernard Baur, Tonos Reviewer and Club Review Editor at Music Connection.

And hey, a whole bunch of other great folks participated, as you'll see from the quotes...so, here's the buzz and/or nifty-keen comments:

"I learned a lot today, but I ran out of notepaper and couldn't write it all down!" "Where was this seminar when I was first starting to play?!" "Things are different from the big record companies when your boss is an artist who respects artists."
- Jason Feinberg of Favored Nations Records (owned by guitar god Steve Vai).

"You don't have the right to make a CD, it's a privilege. So, some of you, will you please stop."
- Pete Anderson, Little Dog Records (to some hissing and a lot of laughter and applause).

"I was playing on hit records and playing on big tours and I was still sleeping in a warehouse. I'm just trying to make it easier for every other artist who comes along."
- Bobby Borg on his days as a signed artist. (You can read more insights in his 288-page "The Musician's Handbook: A Practical Guide to Understanding the Music Business," new from Billboard Books.)

And finally, here's the eyebrow-raiser of the week: "One of the problems some people have in the music business is being a woman, because women are insane. I just want to say to some of them, 'Come back when you've grown a penis and taken some Darvon.'"
- Sheena Metal. (Yes, one can always count on Sheena for a good jaw-dropping quote.)

All-in-all, a wonderful event that lets you network, learn, share, and grow.

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