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Testimonials Tab

"We engaged Tom to help us establish and grow relationships in the music industry, and further, to help educate us on the operational dynamics and 'inner workings' of the industry. Thanks in part to Tom's continued assistance and to the hard work of our team we now have solid relationships at all levels within the industry, including: music groups; labels, artist managers; lawyers who represent artists and even artists, directly. Tom has been instrumental in the successful development of this part of Clip's business. And he's a great guy to work with, on top of our measured success."
Michael Lawless
CEO, Clip Interactive LLC

"I've known Tom over the years and he has has always been in the mix on great projects! He's a good guy with loads of experience from radio to promotion to the management side. I'm excited that we get to work together launching one of his very talented female solo acts Kaile Goh."
Universal Music Songwriter/Producer
David Foster's 1111 Management

"With an extensive network of high-profile entertainment industry executives that he communicates with on a daily basis, Tom is a rare gem not to be under-valued in this highly competitive business arena. Tom has built his much heralded reputation on unwavering and commendable business ethics, a huge passion for music and expert knowledge of both the "old-school" traditional music industry and the new tech-influenced one that fast takes it's place. A creative strategist whose navigation will ultimately be savoured by the artists and new music tech companies that seek his services."
Paul Knowles
Founder, International Music Community (IMC)

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Tom on various projects for 20+ years and now consider him a good friend. Tom has always approached his work with a creative thought process and strong work ethic while maintaining his focus on the end result. He is fun to work with and always keeps us laughing. His attention to detail is second to none."
Rick Greenstein
Sr. Partner, The Gersh Agency

"Thankfully I've had the pleasure of working with Tom. He is a hard worker, and a tremendous asset to any artist looking for success."
Jason Flom
President Lava/Universal/Republic

"Tom's been a friend of mine for many years and I have great respect for his knowledge of radio, marketing and promotion."
Mark Shimmel
Chief Operating Officer of Epic Records

"Tom Is a rare breed. He has the vital old school music business etiquette and connections that are needed, combined with the new school know how and expertise that is relevant to build a foundation and succeed. He is a also a joy to work with."
Ariel Hyatt
Digital PR Campaigns & Social Media Strategies

"Tom is a dynamo whenever he takes on any tasks. He has great follow through, energy and the ability to see the whole picture and get things done quickly and efficiently. He has an excellent reputation in the business."
Owen J. Sloane
Gladstone Michel Weisberg Willner & Sloane

"I have known Tom for over 20 years, and find him to be a man with a very strong work ethic. Most people I know in the music business feel as I do and regard him with a great deal of respect. I have always found him to be a man of integrity, professionalism and enthusiasm."
Ritch Esra
Music Business Registry

"Tom Callahan is a guy who makes things happen. He has great relationships, he has a really clear picture of how the entertainment industry works and he doesn't stop until he gets things done. And, what's even more important, Tom has enough energy to actually be both organized AND funny."
Nick Forster
Founder, nationally syndicated live radio show "E-Town"

"Tom is a consumate professional. His knowledge and creativity coupled with his relationships and attitude within the music industry make him an asset to any team. I am proud to have know Tom since my first day in the business ,and now 20+ years later, I am happy to call him a friend and professional sounding board."
Nick Bedding
Vice President, Hollywood Records

"As a producer I have had the chance to work with Tom on a number acts he has managed and developed. Tom's creative capabilities are a real asset in the recording studio and the writing room and his artist-friendly but proactive approach make Tom uniquely suited to artist development. Combined with his obvious accomplishments in the promotion and label sides of the business, these strengths combine to make Tom an indispensable force in the ever-morphing music/entertainment environment."
Krish Sharma
Grammy winning Mixer/Producer

"Tom is a true music lover and has an optimism in a business that doesn't always nurture such character."
Tony Ferguson
Senior Executive A&R (retired)

"I first met Tom in the early 90's. Since then not only did he become successful at helping me and countless other artists achieve new heights at radio, he skillfully moved into other facets of the music business making wonderful contributions to artists careers with his talent in production, management and marketing."
Dave Koz
Grammy nominated artist

"Tom has been a friend and partner to me and Pama for almost a decade. He has, through his many years in the music business, and his enormous network, been able to orchestrate deals and give us that vital "foot in the door" with executives and major companies that otherwise would have been out of reach for us. Since we are operating out of Scandinavia, with a considerable distance to markets like Japan and the US, this has been of crucial importance to our growth. His know-how, insight and experience has also been a source of development for our company in an increasingly complicated era in the music business.

Tom's likable persona in addition to his extensive world travels, has helped him develop a natural way of interacting with people from different cultures. He has that rare ability to make people relax and feel at ease."
Maxe Axelsson
Managing Director of Pama Music Group, Sweden

"Tom Callahan and Associates have been a tremendous asset to my career over the past 9 years. Their consultation has always been accurate and informative and they have assisted in producing numerous promotional and lucrative opportunities. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to further their career."
Warren Hill
#1 Charting Sax player
Smooth Cruise founder

"I have been working with Tom in various capacities for over 18 years. His ability to work so effectively on both the micro as well as the macro level in this industry is a rare trait, and Tom has it. With a can-do attitude, great connections and instincts, Tom is basically unstoppable when he sets his goals. If I were an artist and he was involved with my career, I would feel like I was in the best of hands."
Geordie Gillespie
Unleashed Music

"Throughout the country, Tom was well respected and he knew EVERYONE! That only comes from doing your job right and he did! Oh...and did I mention he's the funniest guy I know!"
Suzy K
AC nominated artist of the year 2000 & 2004

"I've known Tom for almost 20 years and despite working in the sometimes shady world of radio promo back in the day, he always impressed me with his complete integrity and passion for the artists he represented."
Bill Bennett
SWEET RELIEF Musicians Fund

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